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Celebrating the wonderful people in our lives is an exciting time, but it can also be difficult to find the perfect gift that truly expresses your appreciation for them.  
To honour the Mothers, Mother figures, women, and special people in our life, Clever Curl have created a range of beautiful haircare gift packs so that your loved ones can indulge in some well-deserved self-care.  
Below is this season’s complete gift guide to help you choose a pack to suit each and every hair type your special someone is sure to love. 

Wash Day Light Duo - Cleanser & Light Conditioner

For fine or wavy curl types

For all of our curly wash day routines, we start with the Clever Curl Cleanser. This Cleanser is a ‘no-lather’ cleanser that gently cleanses the hair and scalp without damaging the integrity of the curl. Most traditional shampoos can be harsh on the hair and can strip the strands of natural oils that are beneficial for our curl health. We always recommend cleansing twice, first to remove product and environmental build-up, and second to properly cleanse. This pack is perfect for those with waves, fine hair and curls that can be weighed down easily. The Light Conditioner is an ultra-nourishing conditioner that will intensely nourish, without leaving the hair limp.

Wash Day Rich Duo - Cleanser & Rich Conditioner

For thick, thirsty curls

Just like our wonderful Light Duo, the Rich Duo contains our much loved Cleanser with our Rich Conditioner. This pack was designed for those with thick, dry curls and also great for tight texture/ afro hair. The Rich Conditioner has the same curl-loving formula as our Light Conditioner, just with a higher moisture content. For those with extremely dry, thick curls, we recommend applying the conditioner and using a wet brush to disperse the product and detangle. This pack also comes in a Fragrance-Free range for those who are sensitive to fragrances.

Wash Day Blonde Duo – Cleanser & Blonde Curl Treatment

To reduce unwanted brassy tones in blonde, grey or silver curls

For our loved ones who have beautiful blonde or silver curls, this pack is for them! Featuring the newest member of the Clever Curl family; our Blonde Curl Treatment to keep curls nourished while also toning! This revolutionary treatment can maintain and tone brassy yellow tones in coloured or naturally blonde or grey hair. Leave product in hair for 3-5 minutes for subtle toning results and maintenance, and leave for up to 10 minutes for maximum colour correcting results.

Light Styling Duo - Curl Gel Humid Weather Clever and Curl Wonderfoam

Styling essentials for fine or wavy hair

Our Light Styling Duo is the perfect gift for those with wavy or fine hair or those who want to achieve voluminous results without weighing the hair down! This pack contains our very popular Wonderfoam which is 50/50 moisture and hold to provide long-lasting moisture while creating soft curl definition. Also included is our Humid Weather Gel which contains anti-humectant properties to lock in existing moisture, while keeping out any external humidity. This pack is also available in Fragrance Free for those sensitive to fragrance.

Rich Styling Duo - Curl Cream Leave in and Curl Gel Dry Weather Clever

Styling essentials for thick, thirsty curls

Wrapping up our Clever Curl gift packs, we have our Rich Styling Duo. Perfectly designed for those with thick, dry curls, tight texture/ afro hair, and those starting their curl journey and needing all the moisture they can get. Our Curl Cream is a 100% moisture leave in product to provide deep and long-lasting moisture, which can also be used in a spray bottle diluted with water on refresh days. This pack includes our Dry Weather Gel which has humectant properties, helping to draw in moisture from the atmosphere to continue reaping the benefits of hydration throughout the day!

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Salon Feature Article: Eye Am Hair – A Natural State of Mind Fri, 13 Oct 2023 00:45:42 +0000 The post Salon Feature Article: Eye Am Hair – A Natural State of Mind appeared first on Clever Curl.


Nestled in a cosy corner of Hobart’s historic wharf precinct you’ll find the cool and quirky Eye Am Hair salon. Situated across two architecturally designed, climate-controlled caravan salons, the team here offer an experience that is truly one of a kind.

Through Owner Chelsea De Main’s passion for hairdressing and a burning desire to challenge and change how we experience self-care – Eye Am Hair was born. This wonderfully unique salon tests the norms of typical hairdressing and takes you on a journey of discovery, with the support of an incredible team of passionate stylists to hold your hand along the way.

Eye Am Hair is an organic hair salon with sustainable systems in place to ensure no harm to their pristine Tasmanian environment. You’ll notice them as soon as you step inside this immersive space, the lush array of indoor plants helping to clean the air. Foil is recycled, snipped hair is donated for permaculture waste and you can even refill your favorite Clever Curl products helping to cut down on plastic waste.

We spoke with Chelsea De Main all about her self-discovery, her hairdressing journey and of course that gorgeous crown of showstopping curls.

“For years I hid my hair’s natural state for fear of not looking professional or “done”.” Chelsea tells us.

“My Curl Journey truly started the day I ran out of time to straighten my hair and I resorted to leaving the house with my hair in its natural state. I was amazed at the compliments I got from people and started to think that they must be beautiful if this was the reaction of people.”

“Since then, my journey has always been about helping hairdressers and guests find a way to embrace natural texture and be able to not only manage but enhance curls to their full potential. Using the right products such as Clever Curl really gives me the confidence to achieve this along with the skills and techniques I learnt doing the Clever Curl Masterclass.”

We asked Chelsea about the key things she reminds her guests when embarking on their Curl Journey.

“Be patient and get experimental. I think curls have a memory like muscles, the more you work them the more they come into their own. Understanding moisture and hydration levels is key too.”

“The roping technique is divine to help push the moisture of the products into the hair.” Chelsea shares.

Roping is a deep conditioning technique designed to ensure maximum hydration by utilising a hand motion similar to milking a cow. Working from roots to ends and back again, the hair is worked in sections and a combination of water and conditioner or treatment is applied. This technique allows each section to absorb as much water and moisture into the hair as possible helping achieve maximum hydration.

As a well-known Curl Specialist in the heart of Hobart, Chelsea is often asked some common questions such as “Is my hair curly?”. Her answer: “Find the right hairdresser, the right products, the right techniques, and you’re on your way”.

“So many people don’t know that they even have curls. I was one of them. As they say, where there is frizz, there’s a curl waiting to happen.”

Wise words to live by Chels, thank you.

Of course, there is one question we never let a salon owner go without asking, what are their go-to Clever Curl products!?

“I love using the Curl Treatment on my hair instead of conditioner as its highly bleached on the ends and needs the extra moisture. Sometimes if I’m feeling flat on the top, I’ll swap it out for Light Conditioner on the roots to mid lengths.

I also love a double application of the Humid Weather Gel when the clouds are low here in Tassie for extra protection against the moisture in the cold air.”

Amazing advice from an incredible Curl Specialist!

Flourish Artistry
Flourish Artistry

If you’re in Tasmania and are interested in the services that Eye Am Hair offer, or just want to check out the beautiful space and talented team you can contact them at Alternatively, give the salon a call on 0488 998 802.

Be sure to also check out the Eye Am Hair Instagram page here:

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Introducing Clever Curl Blonde Curl Treatment Fri, 08 Sep 2023 00:43:27 +0000 The post Introducing Clever Curl Blonde Curl Treatment appeared first on Clever Curl.


The wait is finally over. No more sacrificing the health of your curls to maintain a bright blonde or a clean and radiant silver. From coloured hair to natural shades of blonde, silver and grey, Clever Curl Blonde Curl Treatment is here to rid your fabulous locks of any unwanted brassy or yellow tones while providing maximum moisture and hydration.

Is it CGM-approved?

With this treatment being specifically formulated for curls using 100% CGM-approved ingredients, you can now tone and brighten your hair within the Curly Girl Method.

Featuring our signature Certified Organic Aloe Vera and natural pigments derived from Red Sweet Potato and Blue Gardenia Berries, there’s never been a gentler toner for curls.

Aloe Vera is commonly used to treat sunburn and other skin concerns, but it also offers a whole range of benefits to our hair and scalp such as building hair strength, soothing itchy, dry scalps, controlling sebum production and of course, maximum hydration.

Red Sweet Potato pigments are unique because they have extremely high colour stability. In other words, they have a more intense colour and a wider colour range than other deeply-hued fruits or vegetables. The sweet potato pigments even boast slight health benefits as they are mildly anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic.

Blue Gardenia can be used across many applications including food and cosmetic colouring. Blue Gardenia is a bright and stable natural colour and can also be used to create additional natural colours such as green and purple shades.

How do I know it will work for me?

The Blonde Curl Treatment was designed for all hair types, from waves all the way through to Afro/Tight Texture. And from coloured to naturally blonde, grey, and silver curls.

Got wavy hair? Cleanser, Light Conditioner, Blonde Curl Treatment, and Wonderfoam.

Got thirsty, course curls? Cleanser, Rich Conditioner, Blonde Curl Treatment, Curl Cream, and Gel.

This Treatment can easily slot into any routine, no matter your curl type. In fact, even if you don’t have curly hair, the Blonde Curl Treatment will still provide you with amazing toning and hydration benefits.

Jessika Moreira at @marciagibsons

How do I use it?

Our Blonde Curl Treatment is designed to be both a corrector and a maintainer. You can use this product in two different ways, depending on what your curls need.

For subtle toning results and to maintain your colour, distribute the product evenly through your hair with techniques such as raking and praying hands and leave in for 3 – 5 minutes before rinsing thoroughly.

If you are after maximum toning results to correct your colour, evenly distribute the product through your hair with techniques such as raking and praying hands and leave in for 10 minutes before rinsing thoroughly.

It goes without saying, the Blonde Curl Treatment is also going to offer you maximum hydration and moisture to maintain happy, healthy curls.

Flourish Artistry

Where do I find it?!

Find the new Blonde Curl Treatment at your nearest Clever Curl Salon Stockist by visiting our Salon Stockist Locator. Just enter your suburb, call up your local salon and voila! P.S. It is refillable! So don’t forget to take your bottle back when you need a top-up.

We also have a beautiful shopfront located in Coolum Beach, QLD where you can pick up the Blonde Curl Treatment and refill your bottles at a discounted price.

You can find the Blonde Curl Treatment online here.

We are so proud to have finally launched our Blonde Curl Treatment, a CGM-approved, ultra-nourishing, deep-conditioning treatment that reduces brassy yellow tones in blonde and grey hair. Never sacrifice the health of your curls again with the Clever Curl Blonde Curl Treatment 💜

If you are unsure of how to fit the Blonde Curl Treatment into your routine, we are here to help! Find us on Instagram @clever_curl or call us on our toll-free number 1300 856 744 and ask to chat with one of our in-house Curl Specialists.

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Salon Feature Article: Curls Thrive at Flourish Hair Artistry Fri, 07 Jul 2023 03:21:23 +0000 The post Salon Feature Article: Curls Thrive at Flourish Hair Artistry appeared first on Clever Curl.


With more than 20 years’ experience in the Hairdressing industry, Owner Jo Freeth is at the helm of one of Toowoomba’s most popular low-tox, organic and natural hair salons,
Flourish Hair Artistry.

Jo and Flourish Hair Artistry have built a strong foundation based on a welcoming and inviting atmosphere for all hair types, specialising in curls, low-tox colour, blondes and makeup. Jo and her passionate team share a love for creating a warm and open space that supports local business and community, and the team are always upskilling to bring new and fresh concepts to the salon.

We sat down with Jo recently to chat about her journey with Clever Curl, and some of the golden advice she offers her curly clients.

“What are some key things to remember when embarking on your curl journey?” we asked Jo.

“It takes time! Getting your curls to sit lovely and ‘clumpy’ doesn’t happen overnight. Previous haircuts including thinning out and texturizing as well as damage from chemical processes generally need to grow out before you start to see healthier, more defined curls.”

Flourish Artistry
Flourish Artistry

Jo and her team are passionate about educating their clients with the right knowledge and tools so that curls can be easily cared for at home between salon visits.

“My favourite curl technique is using the Wet Brush at the basin (or at home in the shower) while the conditioner or treatment is in the hair, as well as using it in sections to define each curl clump once the leave-in products have been applied. The Wet Brush also helps smooth down those little fly aways that can stick up in the canopy section. It works on all curl types.” Jo shares.

If you are a curly, you’ll know that it can be puzzling sometimes to nail down techniques specifically for your hair type. Jo finds that the curl community in Toowoomba often ask the same questions when they come to her salon;

“How do I stop my hair being so frizzy?!”

Jo shared that “by using the right products and techniques for smoothing really helps.
A lot of the time, frizz is just baby hair or thinned out pieces from an old haircut.”

Flourish Artistry
Flourish Artistry

Jo is a proud graduate of both the Clever Curl Masterclass and Advanced Masterclass:Tight Textured Curls, Kinky, Coily, Afro. The skills acquired throughout Jo’s education paired with her many years of experience, ensure that Jo and the Flourish Hair Artistry team are more than qualified to look after you and your curls.

Flourish Artistry
Before we let Jo go, we of course had to ask her what her favourite Clever Curl product is!

“I love the Clever Curl Wonderfoam and Dry Weather Clever Gel! The Wonderfoam is perfect for finer hair types like myself, and the Dry Weather Gel gives a beautifully soft hold and always makes my hair look super shiny and healthy.”

Flourish Artistry

Book your appointment at Flourish Hair Artistry Toowoomba for the full experience – or call 0407 712 673.

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Salon Feature: Hair By Paris – Paris McElroy Sun, 27 Nov 2022 14:56:41 +0000 The post Salon Feature: Hair By Paris – Paris McElroy appeared first on Clever Curl.


In a private boutique studio on the South Side of Brisbane, QLD you will find a talented hairstylist working on what she is most passionate about…curls! When it comes to multi-dimensional balayage and voluminous curly cuts, Paris McElroy is the ultimate pro.

Paris’ clients range in curl type from the tightest of texture to those just starting on their curl journey. Upon arrival to her salon, Paris’ clients are taken on a journey of curl discovery, transformation and love. We sat down with Paris to chat about her gorgeous home-based salon and her top tips for curlies.

The first thing we were dying to know is how Paris came to love her curls and what her own curl journey looked like.

“As a teen, my Mum would get this conditioner for us called ‘Mane n Tail’ that she got on recommendation. After years of using that, I found out it was for horses manes and tails! Great recommendation…!

As a young adult I would occasionally straighten my hair. Other times, I’d wear my hair curly but curl my curls with a wand, not realising that it was damaging my curl pattern.

After a lot of trial and error and research, I realised my choices were not keeping my natural curls healthy. The last time I used any hot tools on my hair was back in 2016, after that I have consistently worn my hair curly and used quality products and I have not looked back. In 2018 I did a ‘big chop’ on myself and since then I’ve grown to love my natural curl pattern and all the volume and frizz that comes with it.”

We are in absolute awe of Paris’ wild curls and love how much personality they have.

Paris is often asked the same few questions on her Instagram account which is always about styling and how to get the most volume!

“My best tip for volume is diffusing the hair with your head literally turned upside down. Gravity is your friend.”

We couldn’t agree more! Don’t be afraid to flip those curls over and watch the volume boom!

“I get the best results when I apply my products when my hair is soaking wet. That’s right, not damp; soaking wet! While diffusing, I find turning my blow dryer on and off again as I move the dryer helps to not blow my hair around too much which helps prevent frizziness and maintain a solid curl. Those two techniques always give me consistent results.”

And of course, we had to ask Paris, what her favourite Clever Curl products are?!

“I love using the Clever Curl Treatment. It’s the ultimate repair and moisture boost for my hair.”

At the salon, Paris offers a hand painted balayage and lightening service specifically for curls. As curly hair is generally the most fragile hair type, the lightening process can easily compromise the integrity of curls. Balayage is surface painting and does not use a foil to create extra heat, it is the most gentle and effective technique for curly clients. Instead of weaving out hair strands and breaking up the curls, hair painting gives Paris the ability to pick up and paint individual curls, giving a more dimensional feel and creating a look that makes curls pop.

Knowing that loving your curls is a journey, and it takes time to perfect your routine, we asked Paris to pass on some advice for the key things to remember when starting to embrace your natural texture.

“Be patient! This is something I always try to remind my clients. It takes time for your hair to heal from previous damage, or even just learning what works for you. You’re going to have frizzy days or just bad hair days. Learn to be ok with that and try to be consistent with your routine.”

Solid advice from an extremely talented Curl Specialist. Curly hair can sometimes be frustrating, it will take time to find what products and techniques work for you. The best thing you could do is keep a positive mind and seek advice from a curl guru near you.

If you are a curly in the Brisbane area looking to take the leap to embracing your beautiful textured hair, be sure to contact Paris for a consultation and appointment.

You can find more about Paris McElroy by heading to her Instagram page: @paris_mcelroy and clicking on the ‘How to Book’ icon.

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Salon Feature Article: Tais Hair Studio – Thais Pantigas Tue, 11 Oct 2022 00:39:22 +0000 The post Salon Feature Article: Tais Hair Studio – Thais Pantigas appeared first on Clever Curl.


With hairdressing running through her blood, Thais Pantigas knew she was destined to be a creative! Born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Tais first picked up the scissors at the ripe age of 14. Her mother owned and managed an acclaimed hair salon for more than 33 years and through curiosity, Thais’ talent, flair and creativity was immediately obvious. 

In her early 20’s Thais studied and specialised in skin and body care, working with Anna Pegova, one of Brazil’s most renowned Hair and Beauty Institutes. By 2007, Thais had moved to Australia and emerged herself in the hair industry, basing herself in the leafy Sydney suburb of Annandale. 

Thais is now the Creative Director and Owner of Tais Hair Studio and has established herself as one of Sydney’s leading Curl and Colour Specialists, bringing her unique and much-loved Brazilian flair to her work.

Ever since Thais came on board as an official Clever Curl stockist soon after its launch in 2019, we have been dying to interview her for our Salon Feature Articles. 



We asked Thais to share some of her best advice for our amazing curly community and the key things to remember when embarking on your curl journey.  

“One of the most important things to remember when embarking on a curl journey is that your curls are unique, and your lifestyle will play a big role on deciding what direction to take.  Less is more and to be yourself is the key. Embark on this journey with open mind for different ways and techniques, try out and give it some time.”

Thais is often asked by her curl clients “How do I get more volume?” and “What is the difference between a wet and dry cut?”

“As each curly client is different and they are all on their own curl journey it is important to take that time to ask questions and work with your client to help them understand their hair.”



Of course, we couldn’t let Thais go without asking what her favourite Clever Curl product is and which techniques she finds work well. 

“My go to product is definitely the Wonderfoam. It moisturises as well as gives texture.  I love to combine it with the Curl Cream for extra hydration and the Humid Weather Gel for extra hold. 

My favourite technique is styling using the wet brush. It is simple, fast and gives the best curl. The squish to condish is also one of my favourites, great for hydration.” 

Through Thais’ passion for curls and drive to encourage her clients to embrace their natural self, you feel incredibly welcome and confident at her salon. If you’re in Sydney and looking to take the leap into embracing your natural texture, look no further than Tais Hair Studio.  

You can find Thais at 101A Johnston St, Annandale or contact the salon on (02) 9660 1373. 

You can also check out more of Thais’ incredible curl work on Instagram at @taishairstudio

“Tais (right) with our Clever Curl Educators Nathalie and David on her recent visit to Clever Curl HQ”

Clever Curl Salon Feature Article: Tais Hair Studio – Thais Pantigas

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Tight Textured Curls Masterclass- Kinky, Coily, Afro Fri, 30 Sep 2022 00:36:29 +0000 The post Tight Textured Curls Masterclass- Kinky, Coily, Afro appeared first on Clever Curl.


Tight Textured Curls – Kinky, Coily, Afro.

Learning about curls and continuing to upskill is a passion that our Curl Specialist Educators Nathalie Darné and David Corry find themselves immersed in every day. For them, it’s become more than a hobby, it’s an addiction!

When it comes to curls, there can be a lot more to consider than meets the eye. As well as the many types of curls, there are also many ways you can look after them. 

Their driving passion is to bring the best possible education and awareness to emerging Curl Specialists and Hairdressers so that they are in turn able to welcome clients of any hair type or texture to their salon with confidence and skill. It was through this passion for curls that the Clever Curl Tight Textured Curls Advanced Masterclass was born.

The Tight Textured Curls – Kinky, Coily, Afro Masterclass is an additional module to the original Clever Curl Approach Masterclass and is exclusively offered to Curl Specialists after completion of the 2-day Masterclass. This new module builds on the Hairdresser’s current curl knowledge and skills, offering the confidence to say YES to every client that walks through the door. The Tight Textured Curls module focuses on advanced dry cutting, hydration and styling skills that can be applied to those tighter curl types.

Nathalie Darne

Nathalie Darne

David Corry

David Corry

Eager to dig a little deeper into the minds of our brilliant Curl Educators, we sat down with Nathalie and David to hear about their experience with Tight Textured Curls. 

The first thing we wanted to know was, what has inspired them to immerse themselves in learning about Tight Textured and Afro hair?

“At first it was the curl community and all the beautiful curly girls I was speaking with, it seemed that anyone I spoke to with textured hair needed help and guidance on how to fully embrace their locks. Once I’d completed several curl education programs of my own, I began to realise the dire need for Curl Specialists in Australia.” Nathalie replied. 

We totally agree! And since Nathalie and the Ethical Brand Co Product Development Team created Clever Curl, we have watched Nathalie quickly grow to inspire many more hairdressers to become curl specialists.

For David, his inspiration sparked when he noticed many tight textured/afro clients seeking out his salon Marcia Gibsons in Brisbane QLD to buy Clever Curl products. He started an open conversation with them about why they were buying Clever Curl and the different ways they were using the products. 

“I noticed that those customers who were coming to purchase Clever Curl from the salon were not regular clients of the salon. There was no representation for these tight textured hair customers to feel comfortable to take that salon experience further than just coming in to buy Clever Curl, which they had heard (usually through word of mouth) worked in their hair”.

“To me it would only make sense that salon spaces will thrive if they could include ALL texture, even the tightest of curls. That melting pot of cultures, all with the one desire to just have their hair done somewhere they feel welcome, comfortable, safe and confident that the Hairdresser understands their own unique hair texture.”

David explained his perception as an Australian Hairdresser has changed immensely in recent years.

“I connected with many amazing people of diverse cultural backgrounds through Sunday workshops at my salon and they were celebrating it, embracing it and were incredibly proud of that unique part of them which was their natural hair.”

David wanted to be part of that celebration, professionally and personally. 

“I just wanted to say YES.  

Yes – we sell a product that suits your hair. 

Yes – you can make an appointment here, we can do your hair type.  

Yes – you can come in and get your hair cut, washed and styled to celebrate its natural texture like every other client you see in these chairs.”  

If you’ve had the opportunity to attend a Clever Curl Approach Masterclass, chances are you’ve experienced the energy that flows through Nathalie and David for curls of all types and textures. 

“I connected with many amazing people of diverse cultural backgrounds through Sunday workshops at my salon and they were celebrating it, embracing it and were incredibly proud of that unique part of them which was their natural hair.”

We asked Nathalie and David what the main differences to note are when working with tight textured, kinky, coily or afro curls? 

“Curly hair is prone to being naturally dry and dehydrated making this textured hair fragile and inclined to frizz. The main difference to note would be the amount of water and good quality moisturising products that the hair needs.” Nathalie shares. 

“The main differences to note when working with tight textured afro hair is that you must work with it and not against it. Many techniques that work with other loose textures do not work with tight textured afro hair. In-fact these can be counterproductive and only cause it to be more tangled.” David explains.

As tight textured hair is the most water-resistant of all textures, a multi-layered process of hydrating and detangling is needed, starting right from the cleanser all the way through to last layer of leave-in product.”

David explains that tight textured hair is also very fragile and prone to breakage, requiring a gentle approach. The understanding of this process and using products that will allow you to utilise these techniques comfortably for the client is one of the biggest connections you can establish. 

“The consultation process is everything. Tight textured hair has many subsets just like any other texture, so you must always have the conversation about how that client approaches their own hair care and what works for them.”

David also explains that a multi-faceted approach must be utilised when cutting tight textured hair and lives by the philosophy ‘cut it where it lives’.

“The main differences to note when working with tight textured afro hair is that you must work with it and not against it.”

“Tension and other traditional methods for cutting don’t work in this instance, and a free-hand approach is required.” 

This is one of the important reasons the advanced Tight Texture Masterclass Module follows on from the 2-day Clever Curl Masterclass, where the basis of dry cutting techniques are covered.

“Keeping an open mind and heart to working with tight textured hair is integral. Tight curls require a wider outlook on the approach to dry cutting and product selection because this hair type has its own unique set of characteristics.”

We asked our Curl Educators about the most influential piece of information they’ve learned from their curly clientele – 

“The overwhelming thing I have learnt from my tight textured clients is a fundamental understanding of tight textured afro hair. Thanks to them, I’ve learned and now offer the specialised techniques and services that say to them; “Yes, I understand your hair type and you can feel welcome and safe here.” 

“The most common phrase I have heard from my clients is; “I don’t care where you came from, I just care that you can do my hair”” David reveals. 

Nathalie offers a similar sentiment;

“The first thing that comes to mind is not necessarily a key piece of information but a statement. In my travels with the Clever Curl Masterclass, I’ve constantly heard clients and models thank their Hairdressers for learning how to cut their hair and for finally creating a safe space in the salon for them. Hearing those words over and over again never gets old. It takes me back every time and consistently makes me grateful that we have this opportunity to create a beautiful space for hairdressers and their curly clientele.” She shares.

Before we let Nathalie and David go, we asked them what the biggest takeaway has been for students of the Clever Curl Masterclass:

“Trust the process and trust in your own creative cutting and styling abilities.” Nathalie says. “The Masterclass is designed to provide students with key information and techniques on how to care for curly hair however the biggest take away is when the students begin to cut curls intuitively with all the right techniques in place.”

David is excited for the Clever Curl Approach Masterclass attendees to build the confidence to say YES!

“Trust the process and trust in your own creative cutting and styling abilities.”

“A key learning experience to take away from the advanced module is how to hydrate texture in its tightest form, and the unique process of using Clever Curl products to do this. Also, the ability to educate clients on how to do it themselves if they are starting a natural texture approach.”

Most importantly, David is passionate about encouraging more Australian hairdressers to be brave by stepping out of their comfort zone.

We think this is pretty great advice, what an amazing journey is has been for our Curl Specialist Educators. We cannot wait to see what is next to come from Nathalie and David as they travel Australia educating and empowering more Hairdressers to dive deep into cutting, hydration and styling techniques for all types of diverse, tight textured curls. 

If you are a Clever Curl Official Stockist looking to further your knowledge and skills, the Clever Curl Approach Masterclass could be for you. 

Contact our friendly team for more information on our upcoming 2023 Education Calendar.

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Introducing Clever Curl One – Fearlessly YOU. Fri, 09 Sep 2022 03:58:05 +0000 The post Introducing Clever Curl One – Fearlessly YOU. appeared first on Clever Curl.


With honest, gender-neutral heart notes of pink sea-salt resting in a base of forest pine, the new Clever Curl One range is designed for everyone. 

Expression of one’s truth, regardless of what others believe. Clever Curl One dares you to celebrate the true meaning of individuality, unity and freedom to be.   

Here at Clever Curl we believe that individuality is the capacity to express one’s true, unique nature in action and in thought. We are inspired and motivated everyday by our brave, unique and diverse range of customers, so we created this ONE for you.

Clever Curl One is a Limited-Edition duo pack that includes a 450ml Clever Curl One Cleanser, and a 450ml Clever Curl One Conditioner. Clever Curl One is safe for coloured hair and of course, is Cruelty Free and Vegan Friendly.

Clever Curl One

So, what’s the difference between Clever Curl One and Original?

Clever Curl One is the same trusted formula you know and love with a fresh new gender-neutral scent. 

The Clever Curl One Cleanser is the same formulas as our original best-selling, no poo cleanser designed to gently clean the hair and scalp while hydrating with virtually no lather. 

With no-lather cleansers, it is important to always cleanse twice massaging your scalp thoroughly with tension in your fingertips. The first cleanse removes dirt, oils and other build up, while the second cleans the scalp effectively and alleviates potential concerns such as product build up or an itchy / dry scalp. 

The Clever Curl One Conditioner is actually the same formula as our original Rich Conditioner. The CC One Conditioner is designed to be used by everyone, meaning that those with finer hair types can use this product in smaller amounts and those with thirstier hair types can use this to rehydrate coarse, dry hair. This conditioner can also be used as a leave in product when applied to mid-lengths and ends. 

Why Clever Curl One?

When Clever Curl was first launched almost three years ago, our Product Development Team were inspired by the fierce movement of the ‘Curly Girls’. 

Curly hair was being acknowledged, respected and talked about more. There was a thirst for curly hair education and the acronym for the movement became CG or CGM – Curly Girl / Curly Girl Method. 

Fast forward years later and the evolution of CG or CGM has developed into a change, much bigger than just the Curly Girls. Curly hair is now recognised as a force to be reckoned with. It is a form of identity, a passion and a way to open your heart and mind to something much bigger than any of us. 

Hairdressers have taken up the challenge and are now embracing and practicing caring for curls of all textures, eager to say YES to any client that walks through their door. The more education and understanding we have of our loyal customers and stockists, the more we want to be able to offer. 

Clever Curl One is a reflection of the gap in the curly community, and this is our way of closing it. 

Who is Clever Curl One for?

The answer to this question is simple. EveryONE. 

Regardless of identity, gender, sex, or curl type, Clever Curl One has been designed to fit into the life and routine of anyone with textured hair, allowing them to feel confident, comfortable and able to express their true self. 

Waves, coils, curls and kinks alike are able to come together, celebrating diversity and sharing experiences with one another. Our curl community thrives when we build each other up, and that’s where we see the future of this passionate community heading. 

Clever Curl One. Fearlessly You. 

Clever Curl One is available in store at your nearest Clever Curl stockist. Head to our stockist locator page to find your closest salon. 


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Hands up if you’ve ever felt personally victimized by your own curls?? Well you’re definitely not alone. One of the best things a curly can possibly do is reach out to a curl specialist for guidance and education on how to overcome these intense feelings and crazy curl days.

Clifton Hill, VIC is home to a very skilled team of Curl Gurus who are eager to take you on your curl journey. SO haircutters Owner Phillip Calcagno is the genius behind the popular salon and has made his mark among the curly community in Melbourne.

Guests of the buzzing salon can expect to experience an inviting, boutique style environment with stylists that are committed to helping their clients to discover their true hair potential and personal style.

“I have a lot of what I call first timers on their curl journey come into the salon and sit in my chair. Embarking on a curl journey can go many ways for a guest, so l feel it’s very important not to overload them with too much information at the beginning” said Phillip.

“I think it’s one of the most exciting times you could have with your hair”

“I think it’s one of the most exciting times you could have with your hair, and as a Curl Specialist l am having an absolutely amazing time. So many rich and diverse curly girls and guys from nations far and wide make up this curly community, it’s truly a blessing” Phillip shares.



Phillip’s clientele covers the full spectrum of curl knowledge and experience.

“Generally speaking, there are those that have absolutely no idea and have never investigated what to do with their own hair. They’ve previously worn it blown out or styled with hot tools. Then there are those guests that have done so much research that they are overwhelmed and quite frankly more confused than when they first started researching.”

Phillip always asks one key question of each of his guests:

“What are their expectations for their visit? Do they have any ideas as to how they would like their hair to look and feel?”

Phillip also asks his guests to complete a detailed online questionnaire prior to their visit where they can include pictures of their current hair and pictures of their dream hair goals.

“Embarking on your curl journey can be both overwhelming and exciting. Whether you are a first-timer or experienced with your curls, the journey is a collaboration and an exploration of what can be achieved.”

The key information Phillip establishes with his first-time clients when embarking on their curl journey is what products they are currently using, and what is the routine they are following.

“There is still a lot of confusion about what products to use in curly hair and when to use them. Especially when it comes to products that are sulphate free, or include ingredients such as sulphates, oils, silicones etc. Like most things, fashion evolves and so does the way we do things to get results. So, understanding the guest’s needs, expectations, and lifestyle all contribute to an achievable outcome for beautiful curls.”

Phillip believes it’s important to find a stylist that listens to you and understands your needs.

“Embarking on your curl journey can be both overwhelming and exciting. Whether you are a first-timer or experienced with your curls, the journey is a collaboration and an exploration of what can be achieved.”



Working with many diverse curl types and textures, we of course had to ask Phillip what his favorite Clever Curl product is!

“My absolute favorite product in the Clever Curl range is the Dry Weather Clever Gel. I use this product with just about every single curly guest. It’s so versatile!

I’ve played around with this product a lot now and there’s not much it can’t do. The Dry Weather Clever Gel has a fantastic cast and I never feel it stays crunchy in the hair. I’ve used the product in small amounts and large on guests.”

Another favorite of Phillip’s is Clever Curl Wonderfoam. 

“This has been a pleasant little surprise as I’ve used this product in a lot of my highly textured guests and I am getting amazing results with great definition and hydration.”

Knowledge about the products you use in the salon and being confident explaining their benefits to clients is an integral part of being a curl specialist, something that comes naturally to Phillip.

“Some of my favorite techniques are based around lifestyle changes for my guests. As my guests are returning to work and have less time to spend on their hair, we are coming up with faster ways to style their curls at home.

Currently I am experimenting with mixing the Clever Curl Curl Cream and Dry Weather Gel together in one bottle. I do a ratio of 2 parts Gel to 1 part Curl Cream.

This cuts down some of the application time. So, whether I use a Denman brush, Curl brush, fingers or comb, l get a nice and soft lived in curl.” 

Phillip also shared that he often uses our sister brand to layer over the curls for extra hold. The Eco Stye Project Firm Hold Hairspray will ensure that cast is nice and strong while also speeding up the drying time.



We asked Phillip to share some of the most common questions he is asked about curls. Here’s what he had to say:

“It’s definitely around frizz. My guest’s lifestyles are ever changing and the fashion around curls is evolving. It’s also important to note that frizz or ‘tizz’ as l like to call it these days can be as beautiful as highly defined curls.

When it comes to tizz, 9 times out of 10 it comes down to hydration i.e. how thirsty the hair is or the type of styling products used. I can’t overstate the importance of well hydrated curls by way of treatments on a regular basis. I’ve also have found that some clients have hair over-loaded with protein which can lead to low elasticity and frizzyness.

I am also experiencing the opposite to frizz when guests come to my salon, this is an overload of moisture. Using too many creams, butters or oils that are not thoroughly rinsed out of the hair, leading to over- loading of the hair, weighing it down and making it feel greasy and lifeless. An easy fix to eliminate excessive product buildup is to use a protein-based cleanser that helps to balance out hydration overload.”

Phillip’s passion for curls and deep knowledge of products and ingredients shines through each of his clients as they walk away feeling more confident in themselves,  their hair, and their own, unique style. 

If you’re a curly looking to embrace your natural texture and educate yourself further on the curly world in Melbourne, be sure to book an appointment with Phillip!



or call 03 9482 6322 for more info.

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Anthony Pilgrim is the owner and creative mind behind Curls Curls Curls in Sydney’s eclectic Potts Point.

Nestled on the border of Sydney’s Famous  Kings Cross red light district, Anthony knew he wanted his shop sign to be neon and it was a mate of his who suggested Curls Curls Curls as a humorous nod to the other after dark activities of the area.

Anthony is a native Sydney sider however dived fully into the world of curls over a decade ago while working in the excitingly diverse Portobello Road and West London area; home of the Notting Hill Carnival and rich in Afro – Caribbean culture. Alongside the local clientele his salon there had curly and textured hair folk traveling across the UK and all the way from Scotland to see him. 

Taking opportunities to train, collaborate and join forces with some of the most exciting London and US stylists at the time, including at Vidal Sassoon Bond Street has added to his enviable CV of mentors and collaborators, creating innovative and exciting styling work across the stage in London Fashion Week and even styling for a Kylie Minogue shoot on her UK tour.

Curls Curl Curls was born shortly after landing back in Sydney after his 17-year London stint naturally came to a close and a series of seemingly chance occurrences landed him where he is now.

Anthony is passionate about all areas of hairdressing and styling and is the master of curls. His background is testament to the range of ethnicities and styling trends he  is experienced in, and he draws on his history of many influences to create the exciting venue Curls Curls Curls is today.

So, we asked Anthony his advice on some important  things to remember when is embarking on your  curl journey?

“In the beginning there is a lot to take in. You will quite likely be outside your comfort zone and depending on where the condition your hair is at,will determine how far into this journey you begin”.

Anthony reminds us that the journey to great curls is different for everyone.

“Your hair and curl need to have healthy both condition and structure, if not, the journey can take a bit longer. It’s good to note that for each person and their curls, the journey will be different. What’s good for one is not necessarily good for the other, so there isn’t just one method, there are many!”

Anthony also asks his clients to take their time and trial, tweak and repeat until they find the right routine, products and techniques for them.

“Each person needs time and patience to find their correct product, method, and procedure. Once they find this, it becomes like second nature, less time consuming and delicate. It’s all about learning certain rules… and then you can break them and even come up with your own.”



Of course we had to ask Anthony about his favourite Curly Products right?

“I’m really into the entire Clever Curl Range; it covers all hair types as there are always one or more products inthe range that will work well together. The fact that they are CG approved and 100% vegan is also a massive plus.”

Anthony also had some wise words of advice when it comes to technique.

“I often suggest applying most of your products while in the shower, applying products to completely drenched hair.I would comb the hair after washing with conditioner, firstly with a wide tooth comb or tangle teaser and finish with a fine-tooth comb.

Also flipping your hair around whilst your hair is drying, either with a diffuser or air drying as this will give better volume…  not touching while you do this!!”

We love Anthony’s stunning work, fun creative flair and attention to detail! 

If you’d love to check out more of Anthony’s cutting edge curl work you can find him on Instagram @curlscurlscurlshair


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