Curly Girl Method Terminology:

Refresh Curls

There are multiple techniques that can be used to refresh your curls at home. It is important to use techniques that work best for you and your curls. For example, praying hands smooths the curls and reduces frizz, while scrunching the curls will activate and encourage them.

Once you find a routine that works best for you and your curls, you will feel more confident in refreshing at home.

Some of our favourite refreshing techniques and combos are:

  • Add a small amount of Clever Curl Cream to a water spray bottle to create a diluted, hydrating refresh spray. Dampen hands and use your preferred technique to achieve curls goals. Either air dry, plop or diffuse.

  • With wet hands, apply a small amount of Curl Wonderfoam. Rub together to create a creamy texture in your hands and apply with your preferred technique. Air dry, plop or diffuse.

  • Dampen hair down with water or your Clever Curl Cream diluted spray, apply a small amount of your favourite Clever Curl Gel to wet hands and use preferred techniques to achieve curl goals. Finally leave to air dry, plop or diffuse until 100% dry before scrunching out the crunch (SOTC).