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Cassandra Review

“This amazing 100% Australian made and owned Organic Lemon & Sandalwood Cleanser would have to be the most amazing, effective cleanser I’ve ever had the pleasure to use. My curls all sighed with excitement as they drank up the organic essential oils that lie within this amazing product. After the second cleanse I couldn’t stop touching my curls, they were so soft. Then I applied Clever Curl Rich Conditioner, oh my goodness my hair was so soft and as my hair dried it remained soft giving me sensual curls that were bouncy and a gorgeous deep shine. The organic Lemon and Sandalwood oils smell absolutely divine. As a curly girl every single product that’s under the Ethical Brand Co Brand’s name is interchangeable with all products as you can’t go wrong. I cannot recommend this product highly enough and every product is worth exploring and have fun along the way and fall in love with your curls



“Both the dry and wet weather gels are perfect for Australian weather with a good hold of curls. Excellent product, non-greasy and I can assure you that once you are starting using this product you will never get back to any other products at all. I have been searching good curl products for at least 20 years and truly satisfied with Clever Curl”


Chandrama Sarker

“After one use, the Clever Curl Rich conditioner has become a staple for both me and my sister. We both have different curl patterns and porosities and this conditioner does EXACTLY what a conditioner is supposed to do… and more! Every time I use this product, I am blown away by the slip and ease of detangling. I have very tight, low-porosity curls which have caused detangling to be quite the ordeal in the past. This conditioner emulsifies, spreads, hydrates and conditions immaculately.. ALWAYS leaving my curls smooth, soft, detangled, and weightless.
I’m absolutely OBSESSED!!!!!”


Ben Esber

“This product is amazing! Bought after my friend told me about it as I noticed her curls were looking particularly lovely recently. I have fine wavy hair and wanted to enhance my curls but needed a moisturising product that wouldn’t weigh my hair down or make me greasy while still holding the curls and not be gel-like – well THIS IS IT! It was amazing to see how full my hair became and how bouncy the curls are and it stays! You only need a small pump (I learned quickly two pumps was too much! ☺️) so it is an effective and affordable product as you don’t need much to see incredible results! Great that you can apply wet or dry and hair feels healthy and looks great! I’ve been telling my curly/wavy hair friends all about it! Thank you!”


Rachel Blondeau

“I’m new to the Clever Curl range and love the light conditioner. The scent is beautiful, and I have very fine but thick natural grey waves/loose ringlets and it’s just the right amount of moisture. My hair gets weighed down easily and this is perfect. I like in those in between wash days to add some light moisture. Highly recommended”



“Since incorporating the Humid Weather Gel into my hair-care regimen, I honestly can’t remember how I used to style my curls without it.
This gel is so versatile in the sense that I can use it alone and produce a stronghold with major definition, or I can apply on top of a cream for a more medium hold.. still creating insane definition.
While this gel is so effective in forming and holding my curls all week, it also never leaves any type of residue or build-up (just like all of Clever Curl’s products).
My hair is extremely prone to frizz and I live in a very humid climate, so this gel has genuinely been transformative in the overall health and longevity of my curly styles.
Thank you so much beautiful Clever Curl team!!!”



“Love love love your products…where have you been all my life!!! I’ve just found a new stylist (The Hair Lounge on Bourbong, Bundaberg, QLD) & your products for a great combination 💓I know I’ve got it right when I can get out of bed & not need to “do” my hair.”



“Hello! My name is Sally and I got married March 7th just before the virus took over weddings. I always wanted my hair curly and long for my wedding and so I did!! Here are some photos you’re welcome to share, all clever curl products used with help of a curly hairdresser!” (Naturally Vintage Hair, Scarborough, QLD)



“Just wanted to share how much my hair loves your conditioner!! I started the CG method in Nov 2019 and my Mum suggested your products as she visits a CG hairdresser who stocks your products. Can’t wait to try more products once I run out of my existing products!”



“Love love love your products…
where have you been all my life!!!”


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