Frequently Asked Curly Questions

Let’s call them FACQ’S!

Here at Clever Curl we love curls, in fact you could say that we are obsessed with all things curly, wavy, kinky and coily. We also love working closely with real curly girls (and guys) to bring the best possible products and techniques to you.

Here’s a whole page of questions we have received from our fans and our resident curl specialist Nat has answered them all…

it’s all in a days work at the Clever Curl HQ!

Clever Curl Questions

Who created Clever Curl?

The team from leading organic hair care brand, EverEscents, was inspired to create the first professional line of hair care products completely designed and manufactured in Australia with the specific purpose of caring for textured hair.

Years of research and testing with a panel of curl specialists, scientists and of course curly girls resulted in formulas created by the very people that live and breathe curls.

Selected curl specialist salons along with curly girls at home were selected to test the prototypes in real-world situations with formulas being refined and improved until this exciting yet simple range of 8 curly girl products were born!

Is the range Curly Girl Approved?

The entire range was designed with the Curly Girl Method in mind. All Clever Curl products are 100% CG Approved.

Where is Clever Curl?

The Clever Curl team is located in the Head Office of Ethical Brand Co on the beautiful Sunshine Coast of Queensland. We love to meet all our curlfriends so why not pop in and visit sometime!

Is Clever Curl made in Australia?

Clever Curl is a 100% Aussie owned and Made company with all products being manufactured in Australia. We have the famous green and gold kangaroo logo to prove we are the real deal. Valuing Australian Trade is about purchasing and sourcing materials and ingredients from Aussie suppliers including bottles, labels, posters and marketing materials.

Is the Clever Curl packaging Recyclable?

Clever Curl bottles are made in Australia from 100% post-consumer plastic, milk bottles to be exact! And are 100% recyclable.

You may see a very small (almost unnoticeable) variation in the colour of our white Clever Curl bottles from time to time. This is due to the variety of coloured lids (red, blue and green) from the milk bottles which are used to make our packaging.

Can you refill the Clever Curl bottles?

Absolutely! Salons that stock Clever Curl can offer you a refill from their basin bottles or a special refill station. Most salons will offer a reduced price when you refill your bottles which saves you money and reduces the impact on the environment. For more information on which stockists offer this service please head to our stockist page.

Is Clever Curl safe for coloured hair?

As a professional quality product line, all the Clever Curl products are safe for coloured hair! In fact, they work beautifully with coloured hair as all products do not contain any sulfates which are the main culprit for stripping freshly coloured hair.

Are all ingredients in Clever Curl products safe for use on young children?


All personal care products require the presence of a preservative in some form to ensure the stability and prevent bacteria forming within the product over time. The preservative used in Clever Curl is Geogard® ECT, a water-soluble, low odour and low colour preservative that offers broad spectrum protection in a variety of personal care products and is comprised of very small amounts of Benzyl Alcohol (and) Salicylic Acid (and) Glycerin (and) Sorbic Acid.

Geogard® ECT is compliant with ECOCERT and COSMOS and is accepted by the NPA, and is present in Clever Curl formulations at a very low percentage, well under 1%.

Geogard® ECT along with all other ingredients in the Clever Curl product formulations are safe for use on children of any age. We recommend using your own discretion and conducting a patch test prior to use on your little curlies.

Is Clever Curl Vegan Friendly

Clever Curl is a Vegan Friendly certified company with all Clever Curl products complying to Vegan requirements and certified by Safe Cosmetics Australia. Ingredients lists are clearly explained on all Clever Curl products and are also available on the Clever Curl website.

Does Clever Curl test on animals?

We are against the testing of cosmetic products and ingredients on animals. We do not and never will test our products or ingredients on animals. To show our commitment we have obtained official accreditation from  Choose Cruelty Free Australia.

Where can I buy your products?

We have Clever Curl stockists across Australia. Head over to our stockist page to find your nearest stockist.

If there is no stockist near you, please head over to our online store to shop for your favourite Clever Curl products

My Clever Curl product is a different colour from last time. Is it safe to use?

Yes, absolutely!

All our products are made in small batches meaning that the colour of the products can slightly differ from time to time. If you find that your products vary slightly in colour, rest assured that the formula and product is perfectly fine and safe to use.

Curly Hair questions:

What Clever Curl products will suit my hair and curl type?

  1. When selecting your Clever Curl product combo, we recommend starting with the Cleanser, a no-lather, no-poo cleanser which is the foundation of the range. Hot Tip! cleanse twice for at least one minute using the finger tips to thoroughly work the product into the scalp.
  1. Next, choose the Conditioner best suited to your hair type. Finer hair types love our Light Conditioner while coarser or dryer hair types prefer the Rich Conditioner. For a massive moisture hit or for hair that requires some extra TLC, you can skip the conditioner and reach straight for our Curl Treatment. This can also be used once a week or fortnight as a deep conditioning treatment.

All of the Clever Curl shower products contain the perfect balance of moisture and protein to encourage strong, healthy curls 😊

With shower products sorted, it’s time to look at leave-in products!

3. Wonderfoam is our hero product and perfect for any curl type, especially those looking for a lightweight styling product containing BOTH moisture and hold. For thirstier curl types that prefer a richer hit of hydration, Curl Cream is your go-to containing 100% moisture with zero hold (a little goes a long way with this one).

4. Lastly, If you are looking to achieve a cast on your curls, we have two amazing gels to choose from!

Our Humid Weather Clever Gel contains anti-humectant properties which locks moisture in to an already hydrated curl – perfect for a humid climate and for someone who has been following CGM for a while and has lovely hydrated curls.

Our Dry Weather Clever Gel contains humectant properties which attracts moisture from the air into the curl – perfect for hair requiring extra hydration and for anyone just starting out on their curl journey.

Both gels provide a strong cast which is easily scrunched out once 100% dry, revealing glorious, bouncy, happy curls 😊

If you need further assistance on picking a combo please head over to our Clever Curl stockist page to find your nearest stockist for professional curly hair advice.

If there is no stockist near you please call our toll free number 1300 856 744 and ask to speak to one of our friendly hairdressers


I have high porosity hair, which Clever Curl products will suit me best?

High Porosity hair benefits from a lot of nourishment and moisture so it is best to use products rich in moisture and protein.

Due to high porosity hair having difficulties retaining moisture it is best to use a gel with anti humectant properties.

We recommend sampling the following Clever Curl products for high porosity hair:

1) Clever Curl Cleanser

2) Rich Conditioner or Curl Treatment

3) Curly Cream or Wonderfoam

4) Humid Weather Clever Gel – this will lock in hydration and moisture in your curls.

I have low porosity hair, which Clever Curl products will suit me best?

It is difficult for moisture to penetrate in low porosity hair due to the cuticle layer being tightly bound. Low Porosity hair can take longer to dry and it is prone to build up. We recommend using products that are lighter in moisture. When it comes to gels it is best to use ones that contains humectant properties.

We recommend sampling the following Clever Curl products for low porosity hair:

  • Clever Curl Cleanser
  • Clever Curl Light Conditioner
  • Wonderfoam
  • Dry Weather Clever Gel

**Note – if you are experiencing quite a lot of build-up we recommend introducing a low lather shampoo (known as a low-poo) into your routine. Our sister brand EverEscents Organic Hair Care carry a beautiful variety of low lather shampoos that are CG Friendly. If you decide to use a low lather shampoo we recommend using one in replacement of the Cleanser once a fortnight.

I’m experiencing an itchy scalp. What should I do?

If you are experiencing an itchy scalp, chances are you need to cleanse your scalp more.

It is important to always do two cleanses on wash day.

The first cleanse will remove dirt, oil and build-up. The second cleanse will clean the scalp. Always cleanse for up to one minute with good tension in your fingertips.

If you are still experiencing an itchy scalp we encourage you call us on the toll free number 1300 856 744 so we can help you further.

Curly Product Questions:

I’m new to the Curly Girl Method, how do I use the Clever Curl products?

We understand there is a lot of information out there so we have tried to make it as easy as possible for you! If you want to learn more about the Curly Girl Method head over to our What Is The CGM page. If you want a simple and easy 4 step guide the CGM please head over to our 4 Step Guide page. If you are more of a YouTube learner you can click over to our Clever Curl YouTube channel and watch our curlfriends take you through their curly routine.

Will the Cleanser clean my hair and scalp?

It sure will! There may not be any bubbles in this product but it will still clean the hair and scalp. It is important to always cleanse twice to avoid build up in the hair. For more information on our Cleanser please head to our products page.

Is the Clever Curl Cleanser suitable for oily or sensitive scalps?

The Clever Curl Cleanser is a no lather cleanser that does not contain any harsh ingredients such as sulfates or harsh chemicals. This product will gently clean the scalp without causing irritation or oil build up, therefore, it is a perfect choice for anyone experiencing an oily or sensitive scalp. Simply Cleanse twice to ensure the scalp is free from any oils, dirt or build up.

Can I co-wash with the conditioners?

You can use the Light and Rich Conditioner to co-wash however we strongly recommend using the Clever Curl Cleanser to cleanse your hair and scalp. The Cleanser is specifically designed to clean the hair and scalp and will help open the cuticle to allow the water and moisture into your hair.

Whichever way you choose to clean your hair and scalp we recommend always using good tension with your finger tips and always cleanse twice for up to one minute.

What’s the difference between the Light and Rich Conditioner?

The Light Conditioner carries the lightest amount of moisture and protein which makes it perfect for anyone who has fine textured hair.

The Rich Conditioner carries a higher level of moisture and protein which makes it a perfect pick for anyone that has dry, thirsty and course textured hair.

What is the difference between the Curl Treatment and Curl Cream?

The Clever Curl Treatment and Curl Cream have different formulas that focus on treating the curls in different ways.

Curl Treatment – This treatment is a “shower product” meaning it is best used on wash day. It can be used in replacement of a conditioner if you’re feeling your curls need a big moisture hit. If you prefer keeping to a simple routine you can leave this product in the hair prior to applying your preferred Clever Curl Gel. Please note that this product is the richest in moisture in the range so if your curls tend to get weighed down by high levels of moisture we recommend rinsing this product out prior to applying your styling products.

Curl Cream – This product is part of our “styling range” the formula is designed to be left in the hair. This product is best used after cleansing and conditioning. The Curl Cream contains 100% moisture and no hold, it helps with adding curl definition and shine.

Can I use the Curl Treatment if I have fine hair?

Absolutely! The Clever Curl Treatment can be used on all hair types. It is designed to be used once or twice a fortnight in replacement of your conditioner. The Curl Treatment will provide maximum moisture for dry hair types. If you have a finer hair type we recommend only using a small amount of product.

What is the difference between the Wonderfoam and the Curl Cream?

Both the Wonderfoam and Curl Cream are classified as leave in products and are applied to the hair prior to using a gel.

The Wonderfoam is lightweight product that provides body bounce shine and will help with curl definition. It has a medium hold factor. It can be used on all hair types.

The Curl Cream provides maximum moisture and is best for thirsty textured hair types, this product will also provide shine and curl definition. It has 0% hold and 100% moisture. Both products can be used for refreshing techniques.

Which Clever Curl Gel will be best for my hair?

The Clever Curl Gels both contain very clever formulas that help curls be their best in particular climates. However, these gels will work for different hair types too! Please see below the difference between the two gels and which hair types they work best for.

Dry Weather Gel – This gel contains humectant properties that help attract further moisture to textured hair in between wash days. This means that it works wonders in a dry climate! Not only is the gel great for those cold winter days or a dry climate in general, it is also perfect for anyone that is either:

1) Just starting on their curl journey and may need lots of moisture and hydration

2) Colours or lightens their hair frequently

3) Swims in the ocean or pool. Great for swimmers and surfers!

4) Wavy, curly or coily types


Humid Weather Gel– This gel contains anti humectant properties that help seal and protect textured hair from the moisture in the air. It also works well for anyone who has happy, healthy hydrated curls. This gel is perfect for anyone that:

1) Has been following the method for a while and has happy, healthy and hydrated curls

2) Anyone that lives in a humid climate

3) Wavy, curly, coily types

Are the Clever Curl products Gluten and Wheat Free?

Yes! – all the Clever Curl products are Gluten and Wheat Free.

Is the Blonde Curl Treatment Safe to use often?

The Clever Curl Blonde Curl Treatment is fine to use often, as it contains a high percentage of natural dye pigments from Blue Gardenia Berries and Red Sweet Potato. This Blonde Curl Treatment will not overtone your hair or turn your curls purple, yay!

What makes the Blonde Curl Treatment safe for curls? / What makes the Blonde Curl Treatment curl-specific?

Our Blonde Curl Treatment was carefully formulated with 100% CGM-approved ingredients. This fantastic new product is exactly like our Original Clever Curl Treatment, with the toning ingredients added to create an ultra-nourishing treatment that will reduce any brassy tones from your curls. Unlike mainstream blonde hair products, you now never need to sacrifice the health of your curls.

Is the Blonde Curl Treatment a colour maintainer or colour corrector?

Our Blonde Curl Treatment is designed to be both a corrector and a maintainer! You can use this product in two different ways, depending on what your curls need. For subtle toning results and to maintain your colour, distribute the product evenly and leave in for 3 – 5 minutes. If you are after maximum toning results to correct your colour, evenly distribute the product and leave in for 10 minutes.

Curly Ingredient Questions:

The Humid Gel has anti-humectant properties yet contains Glycerin which can be known as a humectant. What makes this formula work so well in humid weather?

Even though the Humid Weather Clever Gel contains Glycerin, which is a humectant on its own, the simple addition of any single ingredient does not mean that will determine end result of the formula. The clever part about this formula is that the glycerin and sorbitol work together to counteract each other creating an anti-humectant.

What ingredients are included in the Allergen- Free Fragrance?

The Clever Curl range uses an “Allergen-Free Fragrance” across all products. An Allergen-Free Fragrance is semi-synthetic but cannot be claimed as Organic or plant based. The ingredients used in the Allergen-Free Fragrance are a proprietary blend.

There are many different fragrances used in cosmetics and some contain ingredients known to cause irritations and other health concerns like allergic reactions. Studies have shown that those health concerns are commonly caused by 26 specific ingredient components commonly used in fragrances. Allergen-Free Fragrances are a new approach to cosmetics that have been created without the use of any of those 26 known allergen ingredients and an Allergen-Free Fragrance is also free of Phthalates which is a known petro-chemical that is best avoided.

The list of 26 known allergens are not found in the Clever Curl Allergen-Free Fragrance are as follows:-

Alpha-Isomethyl ionone

Amyl cinnamal

Amylcinnamyl alcohol

Anise alcohol

Benzyl alcohol

Benzyl benzoate

Benzyl cinnamate

Benzyl salicylate

Butylphenyl methylpropional


Cinnamyl alcohol







Hexyl cinnamal


Hydroxyisohexyl 3-cyclohexene carboxaldehyde




Methyl 2-octynoate

Evernia prunastri (Oak moss)

Evernia furfuracea (Tree Moss)

What Clever Curl products contain the Hydrolysed Rice Protein?

All the Clever Curl “shower products” i.e. Cleanser, Conditioners and Treatment contain Hydrolysed Rice Protein. We use a perfect balance of this protein so you only receive the benefits. Hydrolysed Rice Protein will not build up in the hair and will not cause the hair to go stringy or brittle.



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