In a private boutique studio on the South Side of Brisbane, QLD you will find a talented hairstylist working on what she is most passionate about…curls! When it comes to multi-dimensional balayage and voluminous curly cuts, Paris McElroy is the ultimate pro.

Paris’ clients range in curl type from the tightest of texture to those just starting on their curl journey. Upon arrival to her salon, Paris’ clients are taken on a journey of curl discovery, transformation and love. We sat down with Paris to chat about her gorgeous home-based salon and her top tips for curlies.

The first thing we were dying to know is how Paris came to love her curls and what her own curl journey looked like.

“As a teen, my Mum would get this conditioner for us called ‘Mane n Tail’ that she got on recommendation. After years of using that, I found out it was for horses manes and tails! Great recommendation…!

As a young adult I would occasionally straighten my hair. Other times, I’d wear my hair curly but curl my curls with a wand, not realising that it was damaging my curl pattern.

After a lot of trial and error and research, I realised my choices were not keeping my natural curls healthy. The last time I used any hot tools on my hair was back in 2016, after that I have consistently worn my hair curly and used quality products and I have not looked back. In 2018 I did a ‘big chop’ on myself and since then I’ve grown to love my natural curl pattern and all the volume and frizz that comes with it.”

We are in absolute awe of Paris’ wild curls and love how much personality they have.

Paris is often asked the same few questions on her Instagram account which is always about styling and how to get the most volume!

“My best tip for volume is diffusing the hair with your head literally turned upside down. Gravity is your friend.”

We couldn’t agree more! Don’t be afraid to flip those curls over and watch the volume boom!

“I get the best results when I apply my products when my hair is soaking wet. That’s right, not damp; soaking wet! While diffusing, I find turning my blow dryer on and off again as I move the dryer helps to not blow my hair around too much which helps prevent frizziness and maintain a solid curl. Those two techniques always give me consistent results.”

And of course, we had to ask Paris, what her favourite Clever Curl products are?!

“I love using the Clever Curl Treatment. It’s the ultimate repair and moisture boost for my hair.”

At the salon, Paris offers a hand painted balayage and lightening service specifically for curls. As curly hair is generally the most fragile hair type, the lightening process can easily compromise the integrity of curls. Balayage is surface painting and does not use a foil to create extra heat, it is the most gentle and effective technique for curly clients. Instead of weaving out hair strands and breaking up the curls, hair painting gives Paris the ability to pick up and paint individual curls, giving a more dimensional feel and creating a look that makes curls pop.

Knowing that loving your curls is a journey, and it takes time to perfect your routine, we asked Paris to pass on some advice for the key things to remember when starting to embrace your natural texture.

“Be patient! This is something I always try to remind my clients. It takes time for your hair to heal from previous damage, or even just learning what works for you. You’re going to have frizzy days or just bad hair days. Learn to be ok with that and try to be consistent with your routine.”

Solid advice from an extremely talented Curl Specialist. Curly hair can sometimes be frustrating, it will take time to find what products and techniques work for you. The best thing you could do is keep a positive mind and seek advice from a curl guru near you.

If you are a curly in the Brisbane area looking to take the leap to embracing your beautiful textured hair, be sure to contact Paris for a consultation and appointment.

You can find more about Paris McElroy by heading to her Instagram page: @paris_mcelroy and clicking on the ‘How to Book’ icon.