Celebrating the wonderful people in our lives is an exciting time, but it can also be difficult to find the perfect gift that truly expresses your appreciation for them.  
To honour the Mothers, Mother figures, women, and special people in our life, Clever Curl have created a range of beautiful haircare gift packs so that your loved ones can indulge in some well-deserved self-care.  
Below is this season’s complete gift guide to help you choose a pack to suit each and every hair type your special someone is sure to love. 

Wash Day Light Duo - Cleanser & Light Conditioner

For fine or wavy curl types

For all of our curly wash day routines, we start with the Clever Curl Cleanser. This Cleanser is a ‘no-lather’ cleanser that gently cleanses the hair and scalp without damaging the integrity of the curl. Most traditional shampoos can be harsh on the hair and can strip the strands of natural oils that are beneficial for our curl health. We always recommend cleansing twice, first to remove product and environmental build-up, and second to properly cleanse. This pack is perfect for those with waves, fine hair and curls that can be weighed down easily. The Light Conditioner is an ultra-nourishing conditioner that will intensely nourish, without leaving the hair limp.

Wash Day Rich Duo - Cleanser & Rich Conditioner

For thick, thirsty curls

Just like our wonderful Light Duo, the Rich Duo contains our much loved Cleanser with our Rich Conditioner. This pack was designed for those with thick, dry curls and also great for tight texture/ afro hair. The Rich Conditioner has the same curl-loving formula as our Light Conditioner, just with a higher moisture content. For those with extremely dry, thick curls, we recommend applying the conditioner and using a wet brush to disperse the product and detangle. This pack also comes in a Fragrance-Free range for those who are sensitive to fragrances.

Wash Day Blonde Duo – Cleanser & Blonde Curl Treatment

To reduce unwanted brassy tones in blonde, grey or silver curls

For our loved ones who have beautiful blonde or silver curls, this pack is for them! Featuring the newest member of the Clever Curl family; our Blonde Curl Treatment to keep curls nourished while also toning! This revolutionary treatment can maintain and tone brassy yellow tones in coloured or naturally blonde or grey hair. Leave product in hair for 3-5 minutes for subtle toning results and maintenance, and leave for up to 10 minutes for maximum colour correcting results.

Light Styling Duo - Curl Gel Humid Weather Clever and Curl Wonderfoam

Styling essentials for fine or wavy hair

Our Light Styling Duo is the perfect gift for those with wavy or fine hair or those who want to achieve voluminous results without weighing the hair down! This pack contains our very popular Wonderfoam which is 50/50 moisture and hold to provide long-lasting moisture while creating soft curl definition. Also included is our Humid Weather Gel which contains anti-humectant properties to lock in existing moisture, while keeping out any external humidity. This pack is also available in Fragrance Free for those sensitive to fragrance.

Rich Styling Duo - Curl Cream Leave in and Curl Gel Dry Weather Clever

Styling essentials for thick, thirsty curls

Wrapping up our Clever Curl gift packs, we have our Rich Styling Duo. Perfectly designed for those with thick, dry curls, tight texture/ afro hair, and those starting their curl journey and needing all the moisture they can get. Our Curl Cream is a 100% moisture leave in product to provide deep and long-lasting moisture, which can also be used in a spray bottle diluted with water on refresh days. This pack includes our Dry Weather Gel which has humectant properties, helping to draw in moisture from the atmosphere to continue reaping the benefits of hydration throughout the day!